17th October 2018

czechstartups.org: How to fight pharma counterfeit with blockchain

The investments into blockchain technology in healthcare industry are growing rapidly, reaching $200M according to recent report of the major consortium R3. New blockchain developments appear weekly in different sectors: logistics, healthcare, music, and even art.

The most important use-cases of blockchain in healthcare and pharma

Blockchain application in healthcare industry, while still at the early stage of development, presents various opportunities:  continuing keeping track of patients’ health, new insights on population health; and supports the direction toward value-based care.

Prescrypt, a proof-of-concept developed by Deloitte Netherlands, in collaboration with SNS Bank and Radboud3, gives patients total ownership of their medical records, allowing them to grant and revoke provider access to their data.

There are already several use-cases in pharma industry as well: blockchain can help with verifying the authenticity of returned drugs and compliance in pharma supply chain. Merck in partnership with SAP has developed the SAP Pharma Blockchain POC app for the use-case.

Blockchain protocols in clinical trials can provide transparency and traceability of consent.


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