2nd February 2016

Euro Health Consumer Index 2015: Czech Rep. 13th out of 35 countries - patient surveys, study

The Euro Health Consumer Index 2006 had France as the champion with 768 points out of 1000. In the EHCI 2015, the Czech Republic at that level of achievement is 13th among 35 countries. Top performance ten years ago has today become European average, says the study. 8 countries, all Western European, are scoring above 800 points of the maximum 1000. These are followed at some little distance by four other affluent countries (Denmark, Sweden, France and Austria) “not quite making it” for different reasons. The first CEE country, the Czech Republic, is closing in, now only 14 points behind Austria.

As for the Czech Republic, patients' responses have shown good access to care, reduced waiting times, easy-to-use web-based instruments to access information on pharmaceuticals. What is widely missing is e-prescription availablity, or option to book an appointment online. Also, the number of hours of physical education in compulsory schools is lower than in other EU countries (top performers are Hungary, France and Serbia). Less than 50% of Czech respondents were aware of the right to seek care in another EU country, the report says.

2015 EHCI includes 48 health care performance indicators in 6 categories (Patient rights and information, e-Health, Accessibility/Waiting times for treatment. Outcomes, Range and reach of services provided ("Generosity"), Prevention, Pharmaceuticals).

The study is available here.

Click also on the recent surveys performed by the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Science on public opinion on some discussed measures in the health care system (reduction of beds numbers in hospitals, various fees, single health insurer, etc.) and public opinion on medical care provided (popularity of the care provided peaked in 2015 with 54% of respondents being happy or rather happy with it)



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