19th March 2020

Respiratory Protection FAQ: General Public

No matter how well a respirator seals to the face and how efficient the filter media is, wearers should expect a small amount of leakage inside any respirator. No respirators will eliminate exposures entirely. Please read the questions and answers below to give you a better understanding of how respirators work. If you have additional questions about the use of 3M respirators, please consult our website or contact your local 3M office. The following are generalized responses to some frequently asked questions, to help provide clarity around the following topics:

1) Respirators vs. Masks

2) Types of Respirators

3) How Respirators Work

4) Who Can Use Respirators?

5) How to Use Respirators

6) Comfort Considerations

7) Aesthetic Considerations

8) Other Questions

The answers can be found here.



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