26th September 2017

The Independent: Czech Republic named most unhealthy country in the world | Czech reaction

The Czech Republic is the least healthy country in the world, according to new research conducted by Clinic Compare, The Independent Daily informs. The clinic comparison website gathered their data from the World Health Organisation by analysing alcoholic consumption, tobacco consumption and the prevalence of obesity in 179 countries around the world.

The UK came 19th in the list, with Britons also being the 9th heaviest drinkers in the world. According to the research, the residents of the Czech Republic hit it pretty hard, emerging as some of the world’s biggest boozers.

Each individual reportedly consumes 13.7 litres of alcohol per annum, that’s 550 shots – so 1.5 shots a day. They also ranked 11th highest for tobacco consumption. Russia came second, followed by Slovenia, Belarus, Slovakia and Hungary.

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The Czech Television invited professor Jan Pirk of IKEM and Jan Kolar of the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University / Motol Teaching Hospital in Prague to react. Prof. Pirk noted that if the average length of life is taken into account, the result for the Czech Republic would be different. Prof. Kolar agreed, but added that the trend in the Czech Republic has been worsening and more physical activity of the population would be desirable. For adults, 30-60 min of adequate physical activity daily is recommended, with individual personal preferences and abilities taken into account. View the program (in Czech).  

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