17th November 2013

Competitiveness: Ministry of Regional Development announced a directive on public auction process

The Ministry of Regional Development has proposed a directive on public auction process. The directive deeply regulates the respective Act on Public Auction. The directive primarily stipulates requirements for electronic auction systems. The directive differentiates users of the auction system on verified and unknown users. The verification of the user is conducted by the operator of the system (auctioneer). The directive stipulates that only a verified user may take part in the auction. The auctioneer is obliged to provide a list of any users that have been approved for the auction.

The Ministry keeps the list of providers of electronic auction system. The directive also regulates time periods and the precise schedule of the electronic auction. Further, the directive set technical requirements so that the auction could be secured in terms of transparency and accuracy. Concerning the technical requirements, the directive aims at stipulating no precise requirements so that a broad array of users may apply for a public auction. 

For further information, click here (explanatory report).

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic