23rd November 2017

New Europe 100 Challengers 2017

The 2017 New Europe 100 is the fourth annual list of central and eastern Europe’s brightest and best citizens who are changing the region’s societies, politics or business environments and displaying fresh approaches to prevailing problems.

The aim is to raise the profile of the changemakers in emerging Europe and to build connections among those in the vanguard.

The individuals from 14 countries were selected by Res Publica, the Warsaw-based journal; Google; the state-supported Visegrad Fund promoting integration within central Europe; and the Financial Times.






A list of challengers from the CZECH REPUBLIC follows:

Karel Kovar
Video-blogger, also known as Kovy, who has more than 600,000 followers on his main YouTube channel. In addition to pranks and parodies he discusses politics and social issues.

Jan Mayer
Data analyst who has helped in fighting fake news with The Beacon Project.

Jan Lukacevic
Chief mechanical designer for the European Space Agency’s Predator experiment.

Marek Novak
Founder of X:GLU, which makes a credit card-sized smart glucometer that can help people better manage diabetes.

Michal Prager
Founder of Pestra spolecnost, a charity that trains assistance and guide dogs.

Tomas Gogar, Tomas Tunys, Petr Baudis
AI researchers and programmers who created a start-up called Rossum, which creates a neural network for understanding documents.

Adam Podhola
Co-founder and leader of the Zachran Jídlo organisation, which tackles the problem of food waste.

Ivo Lukacovic
Founder of Seznam.cz, a portal and search engine, and Windy.com, an app that provides real time data on wind.

Ondrej Steffl
Founder of a new brand of primary schools, called Scio, based on the latest findings in pedagogy and psychology.

Petr Chaloupka
Chief executive and co-owner of GreyCortex, an artificial intelligence company.

Pavel Konecny, Pavel Klinger
Co-founders of Neuron Soundware, which diagnoses machine problems by analysing the sounds they make.


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Credit/Image: New Europe 100

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