11th February 2019

ABSL: Business Services Sector 2019

The business services sector is now one of the largest employers in the Czech economy with 100,000 employees. In 2018 the employment within Czech business services continued to grow at a rate of 12% and for 2019, expected employment growth stands at 11%, according to the ABSL report.

The sector has a 6% share in the Czech GDP and services in the field of information technologies are growing the fastest. Employees in IT outsourcing now make up 40% of all employees in the business services sector.

The number of centres active on the Czech market has increased year-on-year by over a fifth and there are now 290 centres functioning in the Czech Republic, the report says. Because they provide services to customers worldwide, a total of 32 languages are spoken at these centres and 35% of all employees in this sector are foreigners. Each centre employs an average of 391 people, however, 57 centres have over 500 employees.

The main driving force behind the growth of this sector is the massive adoption of modern technologies, particularly robotic automation, machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence.

According to ABSL, software robots are already doing the full-time jobs of 4,000 employees in the business services segment, which corresponds to 4% of the total labour force of Czech centres and is practically twice the number compared to last year. A twofold increase can also be expected next year. On average each centre has 14 working “robots”, whereas an average of 29% of the processes executed at business services centres are automated. 

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Image credit, source: ABSL



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