21st March 2019

Brno's Next Big Ideas: Innovative minds shared their unique solutions

Brno is the city of Mendel, whose studies of peas led to modern genetics, and Godel, whose math underlies the computer industry. Avast and Y Soft Corporation started their global growth from there.

And now, with the help of EU funding, the universities have created research centers that are advancing knowledge and spinning off commercial ideas.

On March 18, six companies supported by the South Moravian Innovation Center and/or backed by Y Soft Ventures presented the products they are aiming toward the US market, and researcher from both BUT FEEC and CEITEC presented highly marketable ideas at a session entitled Brno's Next Big Idea. Faculty of Eletrical Engineering BUT and CEITEC BUT have a wide range of research projects in the pipeline. Brno's growing companies presented impressive results in the areas of construction (IdeastatiCa), cybersecurity (GreyCortex), textiles (Skinners), electron microscopy (NenoVision), organic chemistry/chemical biology (CF Plus Chemicals) and agriculture (Photon Systems Instruments). 

JIC and the AmCham will be working more closely to bring these ideas to the global market, as well as arranging more sessions for innovative minds to share what they are doing with each other...


Source of images: IdeastatiCa, AmCham, respectively


Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic