13th November 2017

CEITEC: Scientists from CEITEC BUT are for the first time in the history of the Czech Republic coordinators of the prestigious FET Open project

Highly original, visionary, essential for society's needs and development. These are the conditions which must be met by the project submitted to the prestigious Future Emerging Technology (FET) research project contest. The team from CEITEC BUT (Brno University of Technology) not only succeeded, but also for the first time in Czech history will be project coordinators. With budget 2.89 EUR they will focus on the unique innovation of electron paramagnetic resonance.

The project will seek to improve the existing method called electron paramagnetic resonance. "The uniqueness of the project is due to two related factors. Firstly, we should increase the frequency of electromagnetic radiation used in the EPR spectrometers one level higher. And secondly, by inserting antennas made of gold or graphene into the beam of this radiation, it will increase the sensitivity of the method by up to four levels", specifies Professor Tomáš Šikola, who is the main coordinator.

In addition, scientists believe that if such an antenna is placed on the tip of a probe microscope, it is possible to perform the electron paramagnetic resonance method with a previously unprecedented resolution of less than 1 micrometre. This would open the way for research into microscopic functional areas responsible for the properties of materials and, in general, for the development of the method and its application in the industries, services and security sectors.

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Photo/Credit: Professor Tomas Sikola, CEITEC BUT

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