7th October 2015

Competitiveness: Radio Prague: Ideas: Accelerator seeks to help Czech companies put down roots in US. Prague swop shop site finds treasure in trash


Czech companies, even the biggest of them, do not have a sizable footprint in the United States. The value of Czech exports to the US is approaching around 100 billion crowns, which sounds a lot but is probably a bit disappointing given the size of the overall market. But an initiative from a US businessman with Czech roots is looking to address that problem and has already got a handful of local companies up and running on US soil...Read more.

Reuse, reduce, recycle: that’s the main idea behind Zdrojovna at the community centre Klinika in Prague, a space where you can discard used or unwanted objects, such as household utensils or small pieces of furniture, rather than throwing them away. Anyone can come to the shop and take these things for free, or attend a workshop where they can learn how to creatively recycle or renovate the discarded objects...Read more.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic