4th January 2017

Czech Statistical Office: Share of ICT specialists on total employment in the Czech Republic has been rising

According to the analysis Information economy in figures - 2016 published by the Czech Statistical Office, the share of ICT specialists on the total employment in the Czech Republic has risen since 1995 from 1.2% to 3.1% in 2015. In 2015, 10% of ICT specialists were women and 71% of the specialists attained doctoral or master’s level of education. The share of ICT professionals, managers and engineers rose from 0.5% in 1995 to 1.7% of the total employment.

Earnings of ICT professionals in the Czech Republic have grown from average (mean) gross monthly wage of 46 933 CZK in 2013 to 51 319 CZK in 2015 where data security professionals and systems analysts were among best paid ICT specialists (with average gross monthly wage of 58 789 CZK and 56 843 CZK, respectively.) 

Tertiary education students of Computing accounted for 1.8% of total population aged 20 to 29 years (2014 data).

The ICT statistics data provide data on the production of advanced ICTs, including data on investments, external trade or qualified human resources in this field (information economy), and, tracks data on the penetration and usage of these technologies in particular sectors of society such as households, enterprise sector or public administration (information society). Read more (in English).


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