19th December 2019

Deloitte TMT Predictions: AI in a pocket, 5G deployment in companies and autonomous robots

This is already the 19th time that technology, media and telecommunications experts have predicted the development of technology. One of the predictions is the wider expansion of 5G. Over 100 companies are planning for private use of the new generation networks as soon as next year and they will invest a few hundred million dollars in 5G deployments. New generation networks will be gradually deployed by the world’s largest businesses. Private 5G will be used by companies in industry, logistics or shipping.

“5G will offer companies completely new possibilities, arising primarily from higher transfer speed, better connectivity and lower latency, which will, together with modern technologies, help companies ensure the further growth of their business, and work productivity could experience marked growth. Corporate IoT solutions together with the arrival of 5G will significantly transform the entire business sector,” says Štěpán Húsek, Technology Advisory Partner in Deloitte’s Consulting function. “The academic sphere is getting ready for the new generation network as well. The Technical University of Ostrava is planning to cover its campus with a private 5G network next year.”

In the coming years, AI will be increasingly more common in devices used by the general public. We already have AI chips in the latest, best-performing and most expensive mobile phones and tables. Thanks to its lower price, smaller size and low energy demands, the new generation of AI chips will appear even in cheaper and widely used smartphones and tables. Artificial intelligence will find more extensive use in robots, sensors, cameras and IoT devices.

Deloitte’s experts believe that further growth in the sales of robots will be visible in 2020 as well. Out of the almost one million robots that are expected to be sold next year, more than half will be autonomous or semi-autonomous. They will generate more than USD 16 million in revenue, which is almost a third more than in 2019.

Other topics of Deloitte TMT Predictions 2020:

  • Audiobooks and podcasts: the global audiobook market will grow by 25% to USD 5 billion. Podcasts will increase by 30% to reach USD 1 billion.
  • Ad-supported video services: global revenues from ad-supported video services will reach an estimated USD 32 billion. Asia, led by China and India, will represent almost half of the total volume (USD 15.5 billion).
  • Smartphone multiplier market: the value of the market will reach almost a half-trillion dollars. The market will grow by 5-10% per year at least until 2023. In 2020, the smartphone multiplier market together with smartphones themselves will generate revenues exceeding USD 900 billion.
  • Terrestrial TV broadcasting: 1.6 billion people, representing 450 million households, will have access to a TV antenna. Antenna TV will help the global TV industry to keep growing even in the face of falling TV viewing minutes.

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