26th August 2016

EC Regional Innovation Scoreboard: Four Czech Regions increase their regional innovation performance

The Regional Innovation Scoreboard is a regional extension of the European Innovation Scoreboard, assessing the innovation performance of European regions on a limited number of indicators. The RIS 2016 covers 214 regions across 22 EU countries and Norway. In addition, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Malta are included at country level.

 As for the Czech Republic, four regions have increased their innovative performance over the past two years: Jihozápad (+12%), Jihovýchod (+10%), the capital of Praha (+1%) and Střední Čechy (+0.1%) regions. Other four regions - Svereozápad (-5%), Severovýchod (-2%), Střední Morava (-1%) and Moravskoslezský (-8%) had worse innovation performance than two years ago. 

The most innovative regions are located in the most innovative countries, although regional innovative hubs exist in moderate innovator countries: Piemonte and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Italy, País Vasco in Spain and Bratislavský kraj in Slovakia.

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