22nd July 2019

European Findings - PwC EMEA Private Business Survey 2019: It's time to act

PwC asked leaders of European private businesses to tell us how relevant key technologies are for their business and whether they are already using them. The most popular technology: Internet of things (IoT), by a wide margin. That corresponds to how European private businesses see digitalisation.  Robotics followed, with Denmark reporting the strongest levels of usage (50%).

Our research suggests that some European private business leaders may be underestimating the effect key technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality and 3D printing could have on their businesses, though. Some countries nonetheless stood out as early adopters. The UK already has a large ecosystem of AI companies, and more British leaders told us their companies are using AI (45%).  Turkey tied with the UK in usage of 3D printing, also at 45%. And Norwegian leaders reported nearly as high a rate of usage of virtual reality (38%) as did leaders in the UK (40%).

Smaller countries are leading the way on using blockchain, with Portugal (32%) and Cyprus (30%) at the top of the list. The Portugal Blockchain Alliance is actively promoting blockchain through challenges in a range of industries, from insurance to energy, aimed at developing practical applications, and one-fifth of businesses there are also already exploring usage of drones. That ties with Denmark for the highest level of usage.


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Image source: PwC

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