26th October 2016

Eurostat: Czech Rep: Gender inequality in ICT specialists, rising no. of ICT specialists with tertiary education

During the last decade, employment of ICT specialists in the EU-28 has resisted the effects of the downturn and of uncertainty on global labour markets, and remained on an upwards path. Growth in the employment of ICT specialists averaged 3 % over the ten-year period 2006-2015, more eight times higher than the average growth rate for total employment over the same period, Euristat data show.. 

The majority of jobs for ICT specialists are held by men. There has been a 6 % increase in the proportion of men since 2005, with men accounting for 84 % of ICT specialists in 2015. The countries with the most pronounced gender inequality in 2015 were Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, with proportions of men in the ICT-specialist workforce of 90 %, 89 % and 88 % respectively. Bulgaria has the highest proportion of female ICT specialists (28 %), closely followed by Romania (27 %) and Latvia (25 %).

In 2005, the proportion of female ICT specialists in the Czech Republic reached as high as 29.3 %, compared with 9.9% in 2015. In 2015, 57.4% of Czech IT specialists had tertiary education (an upward trend), 42.6% IT specialists were aged 15-34 and 57.4% were aged 35+.

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