15th December 2016

Eurostat: In Czech Republic 31% of turnover realised from e-sales

During 2015, among all Member States, the percentage of turnover realised from e-sales ranged from 4 % in Bulgaria and Cyprus to 35 % in Ireland, followed by Belgium and the Czech Republic (both 31 %), Denmark (23 %) and Sweden (21 %) recently published Eurostat data show.

During 2015, 80 % of EU enterprises selling electronically used a website or apps, while 32 % used EDI-type (Electronic Data Interchange) sales. During 2015, the percentage of enterprises that used EDI-type sales ranged from 13 % of enterprises conducting e-sales in Greece to 49 % in Ireland, followed by the Czech Republic (46 %).

As for the share of the total turnover realised from EDI-type sales , it ranged from less than 1 % in Greece to 24 % in the Czech Republic and 20 % in Ireland. In addition, the share of total turnover from web sales ranged from 1 % in Bulgaria to 15 % in Ireland. Read more (in English).

Also, over 30% of Czech enterprises use paid internet advertising, Eurostat says.

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