4th October 2019

IMD Smart City Index 2019: Prague ranks 19th globally, 11th in Europe

Prague ranks 19th globally and 11th in Europe according to the IMD Business School Smart City Index 2019. From 15 indicators, respondents of the IMD survey perceived affordable housing, road congestion, corruption, air pollution and green spaces as the most urgent for Prague.

Source: IMD Smart City Index 2019


The survey has also found that:

  • Online purchasing of tickets to shows and museums has made it easier to attend (almost 84% of respondents).
  • Online scheduling and ticket sales make public transport easier to use (over 78%).
  • Online access to job listings has made it easier to find work (more than 75%).
  • Processing Identification Documents online has reduced waiting times (almost 65%).
  • IT skills are taught well in schools (over 60%).
  • Apps that direct you to an available parking space have reduced journey time (over 50%).


>> More results and Prague profile.


Singapore leads globally, Zurich in Europe, the report shows.

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