20th January 2017

INSEAD Global Talent Competitiveness Index: Czech Rep ranks 23rd, consistently ranks high in vocational and technical skills

Switzerland, Singapore and UK top the 2017 INSEAD Global Talent Competitiveness Report, a report that compares the ability of countries to grow, attract and retain talent. The Czech Republic ranks 23rd, Brno 22nd among cities. 

On the one side, the Czech Republic scored well in categories Vocational and Technical Skills and Retain (talent). On the other side, the country ranked 30 among 118 countries in categories Global Knowledge Skills and Attract (talent).

In general, countries within the top 15 in overall GTCI score show a strong performance in each of the six pillars of the GTCI model. Some high-performing countries just outside the top 15 lead in some pillars. Germany (17th overall) is the leader in Vocational and Technical Skills, and the Czech Republic (23rd) consistently ranks highly in this domain. The United Arab Emirates (19th) and Qatar (21st) are strong magnets of talent, as shown by their high rankings in the Attract pillar. Estonia (20th) is a top performer in Global Knowledge Skills, the report says.

The study also mentions the European Commission's estimate of 18,000 ICT professional vacancies in the Czech Republic by 2020. 

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