24th April 2019

OECD: ICT investments in OECD countries and partner economies



According to the OECD report, as for the volume ratio of investment in computer hardware to GDP across countries - in 2015/17, the ratio was the highest in the Czech Republic (1.60%), Belgium (1.17%) and Denmark (0.95%) and the lowest in France (0.32%), Greece (0.30%) and Luxembourg (0.29%).

Over the period 1996-2015/17, investment in computer hardware relative to GDP increased the most in Australia (34% a year) Latvia (33%) and the Netherlands (30%) while it decreased in the Slovak republic (-5% a year) and Greece (-1%).

In 2015/17, the ratio in volume between investment in computer software and databases was the highest in France (3.3%), the Netherlands (3.1%), Austria and the Czech Republic (both 2.6%) and the lowest in Portugal (1.3%), Canada (1.2%) and Hungary (1.0%).



The tables suggest that the country lags behind in policies supporting the export sector of ICT growth and policies to increase adoption and use of ICT.



Source:  ICT investments in OECD countries and partner economies report


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