16th May 2018

Pneumobiles by Brno Technical University research team beat European elite

The Czech student prototype of the compressed air car has the best acceleration in Europe. With two vehicles, students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University of Technology (VUT) in Brno took part in the international race of student teams in Hungary. Pneumobil Racing Team Brno won three out of the five competition disciplines, and took the third and fourth place in the remaining two disciplines. In the competition of 36 university teams, the Czech team has achieved its best result so far.

They won the Project Management category, where the jury assesses the project management throughout the year, the project presentation and the technical report, as well as the Suspension construction category, which assesses the quality of the chassis design..

Falcon, this year's new pneumatic model, has reached a maximum speed of 49 km / h and traveled 250 m in 19.5 seconds, thus won the Acceleration category, too.

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Image, source: Brno Technical University

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