15th January 2016

Radio Prague: Czech research could help pave way for rapid data storage. Czech scientists help explain early universe

Czech researchers from the Academy of Science have taken part in a discovery which could dramatically increase the speed of saving computer data. Scientists have come up with a special crystal whose magnetic reactions prompted by electricity lend itself to electronic data storage, Radio Prague informed. Read details.


Also, Radio Prague writes, Czech scientists have contributed to research explaining the state of the galaxy today. The research focused on so-called ‘green pea’ galaxies, which are smaller than normal galaxies and green in colour. Some of these were observed using the Hubble telescope and found to be emitting large amounts of ionizing protons. A mystery previously existing about where the source of these ionising protons was since they are not emitted by normal mature galaxies. Read more.


Also, scientists in the Czech city of Brno developed shoes for pregnant women, Czech Radio (ČRo) informed. Read details

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