4th July 2018

siliconrepublic.com: 10 outstanding start-ups from Prague to watch

Prague is not only in the centre of Europe, it is playing a central role in the future of technology, J.Kennedy writes for siliconrepublic.com.

Just a few years ago, we were deeply impressed with the start-up community that we met in Prague, and the city’s heritage as a go-to location for tech start-ups through great companies such as AVG, Avast and Warhorse Studios was abundantly clear.

Prague’s geographical location has always put it at the crossroads of European history but it is also celebrated for its beer and café culture, and has been a haven for expats since the Iron Curtain fell in the early 1990s.

Its potency as a location for tech companies to start up has been bolstered by a highly educated, young population.

The city has a lively entrepreneurial scene with key events such as WebExpo, Startup Summit, Prague Entrepreneurs and CreativeMornings.

Tech co-working spaces include Node5, Impact Hub Prague and TechSquare.

Key investors to watch include Credo Ventures, Rockaway Capital, Miton, Springtide, J&T Ventures, KKCG and the Czech Venture Capital Association.


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