29th October 2020

T-Mobile launches mobile 5G network and will cover quarter of Prague and Brno population by the end of the year

As of November 1, T-Mobile launches commercial operation of the 5G mobile network in the Czech Republic. The best 5G coverage will be offered by the operator first in Prague and Brno, where more than a quarter of the population will have access to 5G signal by the end of the year. All T-Mobile customers, located in the wider centers of the two largest cities, having a 5G-enabled device and a SIM card that supports LTE, will be able to use the connectivity via the latest fifth-generation mobile networks and test its advantages. The operator will also start operating the 5G network in part of line C of the Prague metro and will gradually expand it to a total of 35 stations by the end of the year.

 T-Mobile will launch the widest 5G coverage in the centers of the two most populous cities in the country. The current 180 transmitters, which will start transmitting the 5G signal in early November, will grow to 335 base stations by the end of 2020. From the beginning of November, customers can also use the 5G connectivity at seven Prague metro stations of line C: Roztyly, Chodov, Háje, Kačerov, Budějovická, Pankrác and the Pražského povstání. Thirty stations on all metro lines will be covered at the beginning of December, and another five will be added by the end of the year. The coverage by the 5G signal in Prague and Brno as of the launch date and at the end of the year clearly shows the MAP HERE 

"The fifth generation of mobile networks is a great commitment for us. The new technology standard is absolutely essential for the development of a gigabit society, which is one of the strategic pillars of T-Mobile." Says José Perdomo Lorenzo, CEO of T-Mobile Czech Republic and Slovak Telekom, adding: "5G technology has huge potential and T-Mobile feels a great responsibility for its use. We want to provide people in our country with all the available options that 5G offers. That is why we approach the building of the network very responsibly and thoroughly in order to develop 5G technologies and services over the long term period."

The main benefit of 5G is not only the transmission speed itself, but above all the huge throughput and stability of the network. The fifth generation of networks brings even higher speeds, shorter response times and will allow more capacity of the mobile network serving more devices at the same time.

5G technologies are characterized by low latency, i.e. a small delay in data transfer rate. This feature, which an individual does not have the opportunity to observe during the normal use of a mobile connection, is important for the application of the future technologies in industries, transport or healthcare.

The 5G standard will be used to connect computers and mobile phones to the Internet, as well as other smart devices, which are gradually settling in our homes and work lives. 5G has a great potential in industry use cases, for example in the field of autonomous vehicles and in the digitization of production and industry 4.0, requiring accuracy, efficiency and secure transmissions of large sensitive data volumes and the immediate response times. All these advantages are used in private corporate and campus networks. The first 5G ready campus network in the Czech Republic was launched by T-Mobile at VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava.

T-Mobile launches NSA (Non-Standalone) version of 5G network on frequencies currently used for 3G and LTE, 2100MHz DSS (BW15MHz) and 1800MHz (BW20MHz), on which 5G reaches download speeds of up to 500 Mbit /s with concurrent LTE usage. The transition speed depends on the configuration of the specific transmitter, the signal strength and quality, and the support of the end mobile device. Mobile transmission speeds are sufficient for customers today, but 5G increases transmission stability and serves a large number of users while maintaining the same high-quality of the connection.

Details on the launch of the 5G network and all the necessary information for our customers, including current and planned coverage, will be available from 1 November 2020 on the website www.t-mobile.cz/5g.

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