30th May 2017

University of Technology in Brno opens first university 3D printing lab in Czech Republic

Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, offers students enrolled at the university the possibility to use a brand new strojLAB facility and its cutting-edge equipment to develop their own prototypes. The facility is part of the FabLabNetwork and is co-financed from the European Fund for Regional Development.

There are several kinds of 3D printers designed for building prototypes out of plastic and metal materials, as well as thermal and laser cutters or a scanner that gives the work a virtual format. The project aims at developing and promoting students' ideas that may lead to innovations in mechanical engineering in the Czech Republic.

Each candidate must register at www.strojlab.cz and pass an entry training, which is held every Thursday afternoon. StrojLAB is open for beginners in the field of 3D printing.

This is the second fablab in the Moravian capital. FabLab Brno run by JIC, the South Moravian Innovation Centre, opened its door for general public in April 2017. Unlike FabLab Brno, strojLAB is designed exclusively for students of the University. 

Read more details in Czech.

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