6th September 2017

AmCham EU: The Single Market: a European success story that needs to be told

Facts, figures and stories at your fingertips thanks to our new online platform. This expanded version of our recent study demonstrates how the Single Market has transformed the way we live, travel, study, work and do business in Europe. Readers can navigate the country-by-country analysis, read illustrated stories and share the findings across social media. 


'Let's not forget that Europe is doing really well. Actually, this is a concern for business, too. We're not shouting enough about the good things...The fundamentals haven't changed. The EU-US relationship is absolutely crucial....If that relationship does well, there is a knock-on effect elsewhere in the world, including for benefits for the consumer', says Susan Danger, CEO AmCham EU in this video.














Find out how each EU Member State has benefited from the Single Market.





















Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic