2nd December 2013

Competitiveness: America’s take on the TTIP

These negotiations are good news: the two sides of the Atlantic both stand to gain from the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. The new agreement can stimulate growth and create employment – developments needed sorely by the United States and Europe alike.

On February 13, 2013, EU Commission President Barroso, European Council President Van Rompuy, and US President Obama jointly announced their intention to launch negotiations toward a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). They said they are “committed to making this relationship an even stronger driver of our prosperity” and that TTIP would “advance trade and investment liberalization and address regulatory and other non-tariff barriers,” thereby “promoting greater growth and supporting more jobs.”

Article by Peter H. Chase, Vice President for Europe of the US Chamber of Commerce to be downloaded here.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic