24th August 2023

CzechInvest: Investment Climate in Czechia

The CzechInvest government agency has published a report on investment climate in English, a basic comprehensive marketing material about the Czech Republic. This publication offers an overview of the country's economic and political environment and highlights the key benefits, incentives and opportunities available to investors looking to settle in the heart of Europe.

Czechia hosts almost 100,000 foreign companies of all sizes. Famous multinational companies such as ABB, Continental, Danone, Ford, Nestlé, IBM, DHL, Astra Zeneca, Rockwell, Procter & Gamble, Renault, Siemens, Tyco, Honeywell, Amazon and Volkswagen have significant subsidiaries in Czechia. Foreign-owned companies play a key role in the manufacturing industry, less than 2% of all companies by number, but creating 70% of turnover (2022) and employing 50% of employees (2022) - mostly medium-sized and large companies. They also expend a large share of R&D expenditures, to be specific, 70% of all R&D expenditures in the business sector in 2022 were expended by these foreign-owned companies (highest share in automotive, pharma and electrical engineering).



Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic