23rd January 2018

CzechInvest/The Korea Times: Czech wants to take partnership with Korea to new level

CzechInvest Seoul Office Chief Martin Jirovec said Korea and the Czech Republic have a lot of similarities in their industries, which will help Koreans understand that Czech is a great business partner, more than a country remembered by its beautiful view of Prague, The Korea Times wrote. 

"A lot of tourists from Korea visit Prague and other Czech cities. But the Czech Republic is not only a beautiful country," Jirovec said in an interview with The Korea Times. 

"It has been traditionally strong in the automotive, aerospace and high-tech manufacturing industries and is making progress in ascending industries such as nanotechnology, info-tech and security, and life sciences. Czech wants to become a new partner in such fields."

So far, Korea has invested $3.25 billion in the Czech Republic, becoming the No. 3 investor after Germany and Japan. More than 50 Korean firms are now based in Czech, hiring 12,000 locals, The Korea Times wrote.

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