1st February 2019

EIBIS: 17% of Czech firms reported investing too little over the last three years

The annual EIB Investment Survey (EIBIS) gathers qualitative and quantitative information on investment activities by around 12 000 companies across the EU, their financing requirements and the difficulties they face. This brochure provides an overview of 2018 results for Czech republic.

This country overview presents selected findings based on telephone interviews with 401 firms in Czech Republic in 2018 (carried out between April and July).


"Looking ahead to the next three years, replacing capacity including existing buildings, machinery, equipment and IT is most commonly cited as a priority (39% vs 33% for the EU), followed by capacity expansion for existing products and
services (30%). Around one quarter (26%) of firms state that investing in new products, processes or services is their priority over the next three years. Infrastructure firms (70%) are more likely than other firms to prioritise replacement. Manufacturing firms are more likely to want to invest in new products, and construction firms are more likely than other firms to prioritise expanding capacity."


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Source: EIB


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