22nd December 2015

European Investment Projects Portal: Join network of investors or find investor for your project

In July 2015, the European Commission adopted Investment Plan for Europe. Under the framework of the Investment Plan for Europe, EFSI (European Fund for Strategic Investment) and European Investment Projects Portal (EIPP) were established. EFSI funding can be used in combination with other instruments, i.e. co-finance projects financed from the EU‘s structural and investment funds, for example. 

What can the European Investment Project Portal do for you?

⦁    As the central portal for investment projects across Europe, registration on the EIPP will boost the visibility of your project.
⦁    The publication of your project will offer access to a large network of investors, consultants and advisory services that can help you to structure it and finance it.
⦁    The EIPP gives you an opportunity to find investors from all over the world looking for investment opportunities and will help you to bring your plan to fruition.

EIPP will be launched in February 2016. The Commission, with the help of the Member States and private organisations is collecting a pre-launch database of projects, which will appear on EIPP from its very start.


Criteria for admitting projects to EIPP Projects shall:

• Have a minimum size of EUR 10 million,

• Fall within one of the sectors/areas listed in Article 9(2) of Regulation (EU) 2015/1017,

• Be compatible with Union law and the law of the relevant Member State, • be expected to start within three years from submission to EIPP,

• The project promoter should be a legal entity established in a Member State (individuals cannot submit projects), and

• Publication of a project can be denied if the information is inaccurate or if its publication may entail reputational or national security risks.

 A light screening procedure will be in place.

More details on EIPP, including project registration, are available here.



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