15th February 2018

fDi Strategy: Prague, Ostrava, Brno, Plzen among cities of the future 2018/2019

Ostrava ranks 6th and Brno 10th in the fDi Strategy ranking of mid-sized European cities of the future. Plzen ranks 4th among small cities and Pardubice 8th in the micro cities of the future category, fDi Strategy report says.

Prague ranks 4th among the Eastern European cities of the future 2018/2019, following Moscow, Warsaw and Bucharest. The city ranks 5th among major European cities for human capital and lifestyle, 6th for business friendliness, and 10th for cost effectiveness.


Prague region was 3rd in the Eastern Europe, following Central Federal District, Russia and Bratislava region, Slovakia.


With a cautious note, fDi Strategy brings you this year’s European Cities and Regions of the Future ranking for 2018/19. Politics and personalities could change dramatically before March 2019; however, London will remain a very important city to watch and, we believe,a City of the Future. That said, its FDI competitors that remain in the EU are closing ranks on it, and will have many strong hands to play as uncertainties test London’s durability as Europe’s premier investment destination.

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