25th May 2016

Invitation: TTIP: What is in it for Companies?

On 6 June, the conference TTIP: What is in it for Companies? will be held in Prague. Issues to be discussed include:

Key benefits of TTIP for SME: tariffs, regulatory issues, services, government procurement, customs and trade facilitation, IPR, gains through value chains. Perspective of V4 and other EU countries. Q&As.

The latest state of play on SME cooperation between the European Commission and the US Administration (show casing cooperation between DG GROW and the US Department of Commerce) Q&As. 

US Business Culture, challenges that companies encounter during their expansion in the US market, their links to TTIP.


Panelists who confirmed their presence:

Vladimír Bärtl, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade; Jan Michal, Head of Representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic; H.E. Andrew Schapiro, US Ambassador to the Czech Republic; Jakub Dürr, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs 

Christina Sevilla (US Trade Representative), Luca De Carli (Directorate-General for Trade, European Commission); Martin Pilser (Directorate- General for Trade, European Commission), Lori Cooper (U.S. Department of Commerce); Karel Havlíček (Association of SMEs and Crafts of the Czech Republic), Cary Ingram (U.S. Dept. of Commerce); Jaroslava Němcová (MeoHub); Radka Hávová (Technology Center, Academy of Science; European Enterprise Network); Elena Bryan (UPS), Rosalyn Steward (U.S. Small Business Administration); Henrik Isakson (Swedish Board of Trade, Sweden); Susan Wilson (U.S. Mission to the EU), Carl Pucci (AS Datel, Ovela Group); Laszlo Horvath (Active Media); Sven Oehme (European American Business Organization), Adam Orzechowski (Ministry of Development Poland); Ivan Lancaric (Ministry of Economy, Slovakia) Berend Diekmann (Ministry of Economy and Energy, Germany); Henrik Isakson (Swedish Board of Trade, Sweden) 

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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic