16th June 2017

AmCham CZ: Projects for Prague

The aim of the project is to push the government to support certain development projects that would result in wide economic benefit for the country. AmCham would identify public and private projects that would have a wide economic impact, and promote their accelerated development. The AmCham Real Estate Council recommends the following projects for Prague:



  • Research Campus on CVUT 

A multi-function complex centered on research: testing ideas, commercializing them, and teaching them to the next generation. 
Why? To generate the virtuous cycle of cutting-edge research, marketing leading products, and worldclass education that can be found on the campuses of MIT, Stanford and Cambridge


  • Connecting the Vaclav Havel Airport to Prague by public transport 

A combination of trains, trams and buses that will incorporate the country’s main international airport not only into the network of Prague, but every region and city in the country. 
Why? The country’s path to prosperity depends on its connections with the rest of the world. The ease of getting into and out of the country’s most important point-of-entry will determine how quickly we can move along that path.


  • Affordable, Entry-Level Housing 

A combination of better conditions for construction (a master plan and faster permit process) with government programs aimed at increasing the number of entry-level workers in the city of Prague. 
Why? The world is urbanizing. For Prague to become a center of business and culture in Europe, the city needs to be more affordable for entry-level people moving from the regions or across the border. 


  • Creating a network of Park-and-Rides 

A network of parking lots located near public transit stations that increase access to the city for workforce in the regions, and decrease traffic in the city. 
Why? Prague needs a larger workforce now, and will need an even larger one in the future. Park-and-rides extend the access to Prague’s job opportunities to the regions. 


  • Constructing the D Line 

The fourth metro line of Prague running from Namesti Miru in Prague 4 to Pisnice, connecting to the A line at Namesti Miru and the C line at Pankrac. 
Why? To increase the mobility of people within Prague, and to create more areas for retail and commercial investment.


  • Completing Ring Roads 

The national and city government should expedite current plans to complete sections, as well as develop clear plans for completion of both the inner and outer rings.  
Why? The inner ring road helps improve traffic flow within the city; the outer ring enables commercial traffic flow around the city, as well distributes traffic flow into the city. 


  • Expanding and Refurbishing Congress Center facility 

An expansion of the congress center and surrounding facilities that increases exhibition space and modernize the services and interior of the building.  
Why? Congresses increase the average stay and daily spending of tourists, and reduce the seasonaility of the tourism economy. The current congress center is not competitive with more recently built or refurbished in such leading venues as Vienna or Barcelona. 


Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic