3rd November 2017

Arcadis 2017 Sustainable Cities Mobility Index: Prague ranks 5th

Hong Kong leads the world for sustainable transport according to the 2017 Sustainable Cities Mobility Index from Arcadis, the leading global Design & Consultancy for natural and built assets. European cities dominate the top of the overall Index, occupying seven of the leading ten spots.

Boosted by its innovative and well-connected metro network and a high share of trips taken by public transport, Hong Kong manages to achieve many of the aims of an effective urban transport system - enabling comprehensive mobility, creating economic opportunity and enriching the lives of citizens, business and tourists alike.

Cities benefiting from 'money, mass or maturity', namely high wealth, significant global cities, do not necessarily lead the ranking in sustainable urban mobility. Although these factors can help, we do see wealthy, large and/or older cities not automatically punching their ticket to sustainable urban mobility.

Although there is no magic recipe for the creation of successful and sustainable urban mobility, higher ranking cities have a better balance across the three pillars of sustainability - social (People), environmental (Planet) and economic (Profit). The Index was compiled for Arcadis by the Centre for Economic and Business Research (Cebr) and explores mobility through these three pillars of sustainability to develop an indicative ranking of 100 of the world's cities.

Zurich, Paris and Prague are the highest placed European cities, ranking second, third and fourth respectively, with strong scores in the Planet and Profit sub-indices - due to established infrastructure, efficient metro systems and commitment to green technology.

Prague ranks 

  • 5th in overall ranking, 
  • 13th for People subcategory (Fatalities, Access to transport services, Modal split of trips taken, Rider connectivity, Upkeep of the transport system, Wheelchair access, Uptake of active commuting, Transport applications and digital capabilities, Airport passengers and Hours of Metro Accessibility)
  • 23rd for Planet subcategory (Greenhouse gas emissions, Provision of green space, Congestion and delays, Bicycle infrastructure, Air pollution, Efforts to lower transport emissions, Electric vehicle incentives),
  • and 2nd for Profit category (Commuting travel time, Economic opportunity, Public finance, Efficiency of road networks, Affordability of public transport, Utilisation of the transport system)


Use the interactive tool to view results for subcategories.


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