2nd April 2014

Competitiveness: Prague ranked among ten cities with the most occupied hotels in Europe

According to the PwC survey Prague is on the 10th place of 18 observed European cities. Its hotels are occupied on average by 69.3 %. Prague in the year 2013 ranked 10th after London (82.4 %), Paris (81.2 %), Edinburgh (79.6 %), Dublin (78.7 %), Amsterdam (75.4 %), Berlin (72.6 %), Zürich (72.3 %), Barcelona (71.7 %) and Wien (70.6 %). Among the main reasons for this ranking belong growing economies of Asian states which generate more tourists willing to travel and spend abroad that along with Russian tourists substitute decline of interest of tourists originating from South European countries. Although average hotel prices are going to raise by 1.4 % from 1839 CZK to 1865 CZK this year they are going to remain lowest of all 18 cities. This along with the prospective of future Czech economic growth could mean comparative advantage in comparison to other cities. One of other economic factors that helped Czech tourism and its effect is expected to last for 2014 was the intervention of the Czech National Bank that weakened exchange rate of Czech crown and made the prices for foreign tourists lower.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic