14th June 2017

Czech Statistical Office: Foreign visitors number rose by over 25% in the past four years

The number of foreign visitors in the Czech Republic grew by 11.7%. In the past four years, foreign visitors number rose by 25.7%.

In 2016, a day visitor spent 1,507 CZK on average, up by 3% year-on-year, most of it during the trip and 67% of the sum on shopping, the Czech Statistical Office says. A tourist who stays over night spent 2,779 CZK on average, more than a half before the trip. Read more in Czech.


Structure of average expenditure of a foreign tourist in the Czech Republic in 2016 (in %): Transport (26%), Accomodation (21%), Catering (16%), Shopping and Package tours (both 12%), Other (9%), Fuel (3%). 

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