11th October 2017

Czech Statistical Office publication: CO2 Emissions, Real GDP, Renewable Energy and Tourism - study | IEA Energy Efficiency 2017 report

Previous studies on the energy-environment-growth literature overlook the investigation of the most-visited countries. Since these countries do not only belong to the largest economies and the top carbon dioxide (CO2) emitters in the world but are also listed in renewable energy country attractiveness index, this study analyzes the impacts of real GDP, renewable energy and tourism on the level of CO2 emissions for the top 10 mostvisited countries.

Applying several panel econometric approaches, we find out that renewable energy mitigates the pollution whereas real GDP and tourism contribute to the level of emissions. Thus, regulatory policies are necessary to increase the awareness of sustainable tourism. In addition, the use of renewable energy and the adoption of clean technologies in tourism sector as well as in producing goods and services play a significant role in CO2 mitigation. Read the study.



Read also Energy Efficiency Report 2017 published by the International Energy Agency (IEA).













Source: IEA Energy Efficiency 2017 report

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