6th September 2017

czechtourism.com: Explore mountains with a stroller and make a discovery trip with wheelchair

Much is done in the country to allow people with reduced mobility to relax.

The Czech Republic – a functional and unobstructed destination with easy accessibility; even the Krkonoše Mountains. Let Czechia convince you that nothing is impossible or insurmountable!


Accessible Prague

Believe it or not, but Prague with its subway and cobbled streets is actually adapted for both strollers and wheelchairs. The most famous sights such as Prague Castle, Charles Bridge or Old Town Square are all available to a certain extent. The Prague Association of Wheelchair Users has compiled various guides for persons with reduced mobility, which can be obtained from the Prague Information Service Centre at Old Town Square. The organization maps historical sites in Prague and describes in detail their accessibility - the best ways to get there, the terrain, the width of the doors, and the size of the elevator. Simply all the information you need for a wonderful vacation!

Through the individual tours of Touchable Prague, exhibitions can be explored not only by the naked eye, but also through the senses. The tours are designed for blind and visually impaired and the streets of the city are explored with all the senses.


Olomouc – the metropolis of Moravia

Olomouc with its hundred thousand habitants is the sixth largest city in Czech Republic and is located right in the heart of Moravia. In the past, this was the capital of the country and the monarchy's high seat. Today, the city is home to a university, the Philharmonic Orchestra, many museums, theatres and clubs and invites you to many interesting events and festivals. Here you will also find a medieval astronomical clock on the façade of the town hall, which after the Second World War was refurbished in spirit of socialist realism. At the square, the UNESCO-protected thirty-two-meter high column of the Holy Trinity towers up. Be sure to lend the OLINA GPS navigation with multimedia content, that lead you along an obstacle free exploration route full of interesting stops. You can borrow the navigation device for free at the local tourist information. OLINA can also be downloaded to your smart phone.


Freedom of mind at Krkonoše and Šumava

Do you think walking in demanding terrain and at high altitude is only for a few fortunate ones? The Krkonoše National Park will convince you that hiking in the mountains is possible with a stroller or by wheelchair. The trails on the mountain are marked with special guides that help you to measure their difficulties. The blue sign for the wheelchair user symbolizes an easy route, the red marker indicates a moderate to a difficult trail and the most demanding is marked with a wheelchair logo in black. All trails are marked from the official parking lot at the Krkonoše National Park.

The beautiful nature of Šumava is perfect for excursions. Here you can use kilometres of cycle paths woven together with the forests. In addition to regular bikes, you can also borrow a tandem bike or hand bike, suitable for disabled people and for rent in Lipno. Another nice excursion is to rent an electric dinghy and get out on the Lipno dam.

Source: www.czechtourism.com

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