24th January 2024

Exclusive survey of hoteliers done by JAN Hospitality - Hotel Experts

63% of the hotels surveyed reported higher occupancy last year. "We were both surprised and delighted by this result. 7 % of these hotels saw their revenues increase by more than 10 %," emphasises Jan Adámek, owner of JAN Hospitality - Hotel Experts, adding that hotel revenues also went up, with 81 % of respondents in the survey reporting higher revenues compared to 2022.

In terms of satisfaction with revenues and profits, 57% of hoteliers are somewhat satisfied with the current situation, while 33% are very satisfied with the results. 

The main current challenges for hoteliers include staff shortages and high energy prices. The shortage of people interested in working in the hotel sector can be partly addressed by modern technology. "Half of the hotels surveyed have already introduced them and another 35% are considering introducing them. On the contrary, almost 15% of respondents said that modern technologies are not suitable for them," comments Jan Adámek. 

And what could help hoteliers in their business? In the survey, the most frequently cited factors were better visa policies for those seeking to work from abroad, more direct flights from quality markets, and clear statements about their industry and business from the government. 

The survey focused on various aspects of the hotel industry and included questions on financial performance, occupancy, use of technology and challenges faced by hoteliers. The objective of the survey was to gain insight into how the hotel sector is evolving and what factors are influencing its performance in the current economic and social environment.


Source: JAN Realty, JAN Hospitality

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