19th January 2019

expats.cz: Czech Republic rated the 2nd most-welcoming country in the world

The Czech Republic isn’t exactly known for its customer service. Which is why a new ranking from Dutch start-up Booking.com may come as a bit of surprise to anyone who’s been given the evil eye from an icy receptionist or grouchy waiter, expats.cz writes.

The popular travel booking platform released their annual Guest Review Awards yesterday, which honors some 700,000 top-rated accommodation facilities in 219 countries across the world – and the Czech Republic has come in with a surprisingly big share of highly-rated locations.

While the Czech Republic ranked as the 2nd-most welcoming country,  no Czech city made the top 10 list of most welcoming cites, according to expats.cz.

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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic