9th February 2017

OSAC: Czech Republic 2017 Crime & Safety Report

The Czech Republic is a low-threat country, according to the U.S. OSAC (United States Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security) report. Violent or confrontational crime is rare. The most common crimes are theft and other economically-motivated offenses. Visitors are most likely to face petty street crime, particularly pickpocketing. These incidents frequently occur in crowded tourist locations. Special caution is warranted when using public transportation, including at the station/stop and while riding the metro, trams, and/or buses.

Mobile phones are an attractive target for thieves.There are also reports of purse snatching and handbags being subtly lifted off chairs while victims are seated at restaurants and cafes.

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are widely available throughout major cities. Visitors should change money only at banks, legitimate businesses, or ATMs. An offer to change money by an unknown person on the street is most likely tied to a scam. Almost all ATMs have multilingual instructions and allow access to U.S. bank accounts. 

Auto thefts and break-ins are common, especially in major cities. Travelers should use parking garages and some type of anti-theft device to discourage these incidents. Vehicles are stolen for re-sale or for dismantlement and sale of parts locally or abroad. The Czech Republic also serves as a transit route for stolen cars from Western Europe. The recovery rate of stolen vehicles, as with most stolen property, is extremely low.

There has also been a surge of residential burglaries in recent years.

Highways generally meet European standards; however, on two-lane roads, drivers should be prepared to encounter uneven surfaces, irregular lane markings, and sign placements that are not clear. Streets in towns are not always in good condition.

Taxis are clearly marked. Visitors should be alert to the potential for substantial overcharging by taxis, particularly in areas frequented by tourists.The main taxi stand at Prague Ruzyne Airport has generally proven to be reliable.

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