23rd November 2018

PCB: Prague is the Second-Best City in the Region of Central and Eastern Europe in Terms of Sustainable Development

Prague, according to the latest Sustainable Cities Index (SCI) of the Arcadis international consultancy, ranked among the top of sustainable cities in the CEE region from the point of view of the local population. The Czech metropolis was ranked 23rd on the global scale. Arcadis' Sustainable Cities Index 2018 presents London as the city in the lead, followed by Stockholm and Edinburgh. In the first twenty, there are 14 European cities, 3 Asian and 3 North American cities, Prague Convention Bureau writes.

The Sustainable Cities Index 2018 ranks 100 global cities on three pillars of sustainability: People (social), Planet (environmental) and Profit (economic).

The capital of the Czech Republic excelled mainly in the People pillar, which examines the current quality of the citizens’ life and the outlook for future generations. In this pillar, Prague occupied the sixth place, surpassing even Vienna, which dominates the overall rating for Central and Eastern Europe. On the contrary, the Czech metropolis still has unused potential for a long-term sustainable development in the Planet pillar, where it occupied the 68th position. From the economy point of view, Prague climbed to the top fifteen destinations again and occupied the 12th place.

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