15th July 2020

Prague Airport Survey: Three Quarters of Czechs Using Air Transport Wish to Travel Abroad Within Two Months at the Latest

In recent weeks, Prague Airport has been focusing intensively on restoring safe air traffic and facilitating the resumption of regular air connections. To this end, we closely monitor trends and developments in the market, for example through a survey processed on our behalf by the Median agency among the Czech "flying" population. The survey is primarily intended to map the willingness of Czechs to travel abroad, and we perceive its first results as surprisingly positive in view of the current situation,” Vaclav Rehor, Chairman of the Prague Airport Board of Directors, said. "We will repeat the survey twice more at monthly intervals to capture any changes in trends over time,” Vaclav Rehor added.

Among other things, the survey results show that, if possible, 34% of respondents would be willing to travel to their favourite foreign destination immediately, while 44% of respondents would wait a month or two and travel during July and August. Only 22% of respondents would not consider leaving anytime soon.

According to the survey, most respondents who belong to the Czech "flying" population expect to go on holiday abroad in the next 12 months. As many as 33% of respondents plan to go on one holiday abroad, 34% of respondents plan two trips abroad in the next 12 months, 11% three trips and 7% would like to travel abroad four or more times. Only 15% of respondents plan no trips abroad in the next 12 months.

With regard to the means of transport, 65% of respondents plan to use air transport to the same extent as before, 6% of respondents plan to use air transport even more than during the period preceding its downtime. The rest of the respondents will use air transport less than before.

In contrast, 62% of respondents will use rail transport to the same extent and another 11% of respondents plan to use it more than they did before the current situation.

In total of 63% of respondents intend to use bus transport the same as before. According to this survey, 4% of them will use it more often. On the contrary, 35% of respondents plan to use car more than they did before the current crisis, while 58% of respondents intend to use it to the same extent as before.

Regarding preferences for foreign travel, travelling to neighbouring countries, as well as travelling to the popular holiday destinations in Europe, enjoys the greatest support among respondents. In total of 64% of respondents intend to travel to neighbouring countries as before, while 11% of respondents would like to travel to neighbouring countries more and 26% less than they did before.

In the case of summer trips within Europe, according to the survey, as many as 53% of respondents said they will not change their habits and ticked the response saying they will travel to the sea across Europe as before. Another 4% want to travel even more to European seaside destinations. On the contrary, according to the survey, 43% will travel less to the European coast.

Getaway trips to European cities have achieved remarkably similar results. For as many as 52% of respondents, nothing will change in this respect. According to the survey, these respondents will travel to European cities with the same frequency as before. 4% of respondents want to travel more often to major European cities, while 44% reported their intention to travel there less often.

For the time being, the Czech flying population shows less interest in trips to seaside places outside Europe. According to the survey, 38% of respondents will take these trips as before, another 2% want to travel to distant non-European seaside destinations more often and, conversely, 60% less often.

The survey also wanted to ascertain how much the Czech flying population plans to spend per household on foreign holidays this year. As many as 15% of respondents answered up to 15 thousand Czech crowns, 29% of respondents, according to the survey, plan to spend between 16 and 30 thousand Czech crowns per household on foreign trips this year, while 19% plan to invest 31–45 thousand crowns in foreign trips taken this year. 12% of respondents ticked 46-60 thousand Czech crowns and 9% of respondents more than 60 thousand Czech crowns. The remaining 15% of respondents do not plan a trip abroad this year.

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