24th February 2016

Prague Post: Prague tops CEE in quality of living

Ranking by human resources consultancy Mercer puts Czech capital at 69th place worldwide, next to Detroit, out of 230 evaluated cities.That was good enough to be the best in Central and Eastern Europe, but far behind nearby Vienna, which was number one worldwide and in Europe, Prague Post writes.The next CEE city in the ranking was Ljubljana, Slovenia, at 76 with Budapest right on its heels at 77. Vilnius and Warsaw tied for 79th place. In 2015, Prague ranked 68th. The ranking is based 39 criteria including, transport, prices of services, environment, electricity supply reliability, or speed of internet, for example.

Western Europe dominated the top of the chart, with 16 out of the top 25 spots.  Read more (in English). More details in Czech in an article by Tyden.cz. Out of top seven cities, five are in German-speaking countries or regions, the aktualne.cz server notes.

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