3rd July 2017

Prague.tv: City planning card for tourists

A new card for tourists has been approved by Prague City Hall. The card will work as a ticket for select tourist attractions and also as a transportation ticket. The rights to the card project and data will be owned by the city, and the start-up cost is estimated at Kč 2 million. After that, the project should be self-sustaining, Prague.tv reports. 

The development of the card will be coordinated by the city-owned company Operátor ICT, which also issues the Lítačka card used by Prague residents. Other cards aimed at tourists such as the Prague Card and Prague City Pass have been operated by private companies, and have nor been popular.

Last year, about 51,000 cards were sold to tourists, while more than 6 million foreigners visited the city. In comparison, Amsterdam sold 175,000 tourist cards called I Amsterdam, but sees fewer overnight tourists than Prague.

Other cities have had success with the idea of a card for tourists. London, for example, has an Oyster card that is available to tourists. It works for transportation and also brings some discounts.  

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