19th January 2017

Radio Praha: Brno plugs into transport vision with hyperloop memorandum | Video

The Czech Republic’s second city, Brno, has signed a memorandum with the company behind a revolutionary transport concept, the hyperloop, Radio Praha writes.

The hyperloop is a pressurized tube in which a capsule containing travellers could move at speeds of up to 1220 kilometres an hour. The system is a bit like a much bigger version of the pneumatic tube system that is still used in the Czech Republic for sending post, packages, and small items around big institutions such as hospitals.

The businessmen behind the idea is Elon Musk, of electric car fame, with the first hyperloop project proposed between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The significant implications for other types of transport, such as rail and air, or even living and working are fairly clear.

To put the concept in context, use of the Hyperloop would cut the current road and rail travel time between Prague and Brno from just over two hours to around 10 minutes. Read the article (in English). Watch video.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic