22nd August 2017

Radio Praha: Thriving Prague hotels raising prices to previously unseen levels | Eurostat data on bed-places in tourist accommodation establishments & holiday spending

2017 is turning out to be a good year for Prague’s hoteliers, who have managed to raise their prices to previously unseen levels. Meanwhile, occupancy rates also mean that rooms are producing a markedly higher yield than in the past, according to a report in the business daily E15, Radio Praha writes.

The average price of a hotel room in the Czech capital climbed by EUR 6 in the first six months of this year to reach EUR 86 per night, the newspaper said, quoting data produced by the company STR Global. 

The general director of the city centre hotel Radisson Blu Alcron, Michal Chour, told the daily that it was a “fantastic” year. The industry will finally manage to do even better than in 2007, the last year before the world economic downturn, Mr. Chour said. 

Prague’s hotel stats place it top of the rankings among the former socialist bloc metropolises of Central Europe. 

However, in this respect the Czech capital continues to lag some way behind Western Europe, where average room prices tend to exceed EUR 100 a night. 

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The Czech Republic offered 715,014 bed-places in tourist accommodation establishments in 2015 and 716,563 bed-places in 2016, according to recently published Eurostat data. Look also at Who spends the most on their holidays? Czech residents spent around 126EUR per holiday trip on average in 2015 (EU average in 2015 was around 320EUR per holiday trip).

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