18th October 2016

Radio Praha: World’s deepest underwater cave discovered in Czech Republic

A team of explorers recently found the world’s deepest underwater cave located in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. A Czech-Polish expedition, led by the legendary Polish diver Krzysztof Starnawski, descended deep into the flooded limestone cave called Hranice Abyss and found it to be far deeper than previously thought. According to their measurements, the cave is 404 meters deep, 12 meters deeper than the previous record holder, 392-meter-deep Pozzo del Merro in Italy.

Radio Praha spoke to diver David Čani, who has been exploring the Hranice Abyss for years.

"...it was supposed to be just a test, but we accidently made this discovery...Most of the other places I have visited, in Italy Mexico Florida, the caves are usually much friendlier, there is better visibility and warmer temperature. Diving, especially in Moravian Karst, is much more challenging and this is what attracts me,” says the diver.

More details here (in English). 


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