5th August 2020

The Czechs have exchanged distance summer destinations for stays in neighboring states, but they did not give up the Adriatic sea

Restrictions on movement and the risk of infection interfered with the holiday preferences of the Czech population. The Czechs can’t imagine summer holiday without Adriatic sea and only a third fewer tourists went to Croatia compared to last year. In the case of Italy, Greece or Spain, however, the decline is already three-quarters. And exotic destinations such as Turkey, Tunisia or Egypt have fallen to almost zero. They were probably replaced by our neighbors: the number of Czech customers in Slovakia and Poland increased.

“In the first two holiday weeks, we registered 13% less SIM cards abroad than in the same period last year. Significant changes are evident in the very structure of summer destinations," says Adéla Ráčková, Manager of Big Data and Advanced Analysis. The list of the five most frequent destinations by number of SIMs remained the same as last year, only their order changed.

The number of people heading to Germany has not changed much, and the country has maintained its number one position. This year's second place went to Slovakia, which attracted 7% more Czechs, Poland also improved, where attendance from our country rose by 51%. In Austria, a decrease of 12% meant a descent to fourth place. For Croatia, decline by one third brought the certainty that the TOP 5 ranking will close from below this year as well.

Thus, while a comparable or even higher number of passengers went to our neighbors in the first days of July, and the Czechs went to the Adriatic as well, other popular seaside destinations had to deal with a significant outflow of our tourists. 78% fewer went to Greece and Spain, and 75% to Italy. Portugal (85%) and Turkey (95%) fell even more sharply, with Tunisia and Egypt falling by almost 100%.

TOP 5 countries according to the number of T-Mobile SIMs in the first two weeks of July:

  2019 2020
1 Germany Germany
2 Austria Slovakia
3 Slovakia Poland
4 Poland Austria
5 Croatia Croatia

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