2nd October 2017

The Guardian: Czech out Brno for a cheaper, calmer city break

Booming Brno, with its creativity, history and subterranean mystery, is the perfect antidote to overrun Prague and its forests of selfie sticks, The Guardian writes.

The phenomenon of “overtourism” has been in the news a lot this summer. How cities such as Prague and Vienna are swamped with visitors, restaurants booked weeks in advance, bars rammed with outsiders taking selfies. But about halfway between those two honeypots is another city also served by budget airlines from the UK that is far from swamped. In fascinating and surprising Brno, getting a table on a Saturday night is no problem, and it’s rare to hear anything but Czech in the streets.

The Czech Republic’s second city was once the capital of the province of Moravia, and despite a more recent history of dispossession and tragedy, it is a lively place of innovation and creativity. Modern Brno is booming, filled with students, young people and emigrés who have returned to the city with fresh ideas and energy, notably expressed in great restaurants and bars.

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Image/Credit: The Guardian

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